To prepare students for college,
the responsibility of life,
and the pursuit of success.

Our Vision

To create a culture of high expectations for scholars by providing a college preparatory education, relevant curricula, and a focus on achievement. It is our goal that our scholars will attend a college prep high school and ultimately gain acceptance and graduate from a four-year college. It is our expectation that 100% of the Southwest Ohio Preparatory School graduates will become positive change agents in their local communities while making a contribution to the global society.

The faculty and staff at Southwest Ohio Preparatory School are dedicated to providing scholars with the skills necessary to think, communicate, and live in a civil society.  Central to this mission is the creation of a school community characterized by discipline, love, order, and respect.

The Southwest Ohio Preparatory School family handbook has been created to guide the efforts of teachers, staff, parents, and students in creating a safe, orderly, environment and to reinforce the primary mission of the school: academic preparation.  The Southwest Ohio Preparatory School Handbook, which states clearly all school-wide rules governing student behavior as well as the consequences for breaking the rules, will serve as a guideline for all vested Southwest Ohio Preparatory School parties.

4 Pillars

Staff, students, and parents at Southwest Ohio Preparatory School will work together to help each student reach his or her full potential in academic achievement and moral maturity.  Toward this end, Southwest Ohio Preparatory School staff will make every effort to keep students focused on the following four characteristics:


To have overwhelmingly positive feelings towards one’s family, life and scholarly pursuits. Personal conviction is essential to being successful in school and life. In teaching love, faculty and staff at DPS will emphasize the importance of respecting one’s life and goals. This emphasis will center on the following:

• reverence for oneself in school and at home;
• reverence for one’s classwork and education; and
• reverence for classmates and peers.

This admiration is a demonstration of the scholar’s love for him or herself and is central to our mission.


To demonstrate an understanding and value for oneself, education as a means to great life, and all other persons.  Teachers and faculty will help students learn what it means to care for oneself, their academics, and all other human life.  In all grades, emphasis will be placed on the following:

  • No tolerance for violence of any kind
  • No tolerance for discrimination of any kind
  • No tolerance for vulgar or obscene language
  • Cordiality when speaking to adults and fellow students (thank you; yes ma’am, no sir, etc.)
  • Personal hygiene
  • Valuing school materials, supplies, and meals

Showing respect helps to support healthy relationships and obedience to the right authorities.  When everyone demonstrates respect for themselves and others, a safe, clean, and disciplined environment is the result.  This definition of respect is fully in line with the mission of Southwest Ohio Preparatory School.


To demonstrate understanding when it comes to being persistent with schoolwork, life’s obstacles, and becoming a responsible citizen. Relentless efforts toward becoming academically superior, while modeling good personal behavior, will be emphasized. As the scholars mature, they will apply this tenet (doctrine) in other area of life.


To demonstrate a relentless sense of perseverance as it relates to tackling difficulties and hurdles in one’s academic and personal life. Understanding there will be times in life that in order to accomplish an audacious task, make the correct moral and ethical decision, or navigate tough situations with humility, scholars will need to draw upon this characteristic with fidelity. This characteristic will aid our scholars as they matriculate through high school, college, and life beyond.

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